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Welcome to The Mind and Body Studio


Our Mission: At The Mind and Body Studio it is our intention to be a gathering place of comfort and serenity, where the local community can explore the practice of Yoga and Pilates and enjoy lectures and special workshops on health and wellness, all with the finest instructors in the area.


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  • "Geri's genuine warmth and compassion are an inspiration. I began yoga with Geri after surgery to help with my recuperation, but the physical healing is only a small part of the total benefit. My overall health has dramatically improved with my strength and flexibility, my understanding of our mind-body connection is clear and truly every day with yoga is a better, more productive one. This is the first time in my life I have devoted any time to myself and I truly cannot think of a better way to be indulgent in our time impoverished lives."

    Maureen, Brielle, NJ.

  • "Thank you for teaching us yoga, Miss Geri!"

    The Summerfield School Pre-Kindergarten Class,
    Neptune NJ

    "Thank you so much for introducing Emma to yoga!  I hope she benefits from it for years to come .  We will definitely continue with the KidzYoga! program."

    Amie, Wall NJ


  • "Thank you! It was a great KidzYoga! birthday party!"

    Emma, age 6


    "I have been practicing yoga for under a year now yet have benefited from it's means by which to teach the body flexibility and strength. It is terrific."

    Barbara, Brielle NJ

  • "I saw your picture in the paper for kids yoga at Brielle Library. The kids seem to be having so much fun. Thank you for bringing such wonderful yoga to our area!  Namaste"

    HJ, Brielle NJ


    "Since beginning Yoga last year my body has become more flexible and stronger. In my busy life, going to Yoga forces me to concentrate on me and my inner self and refreshes my body and soul. Geri takes the time to work with both beginners and experienced students and includes something for everyone in her classes."

    Lisa, Brielle NJ

  • I'm a single mother of four, work two jobs, and am returning to school to finish my bachelor's degree in nursing.  I am constantly on the go and never seem to be able to relax.  My first yoga class with Geri last year was such a comfort to me because I experienced for the first time the feeling of total mind and body relaxation.  I rely on yoga in some form every day now; even if it's just doing the deep breathing in order to relax before walking in the door after a long day.  I never thought I could do yoga because of my stressful busy life but I learned very quickly that I NEED TO DO YOGA because of my stressful busy life.  It has improved my physical and emotional health.  I actually crave it for the self control and relaxation it provides me.
    Thank again Geri!

    Cecelia Smith, Howell NJ

  • "Thank you very much for the wonderful introduction to yoga!  I have to say that even after just one class I feel inspired in some way.  It was more than just a class for me.  It has been a long time since I actually concentrated on myself.  Not only did I feel great physically, but I felt something more, like a new spring in my step that hasn't been there in a long time!  I look forward to another hour of ME time.  See you at our next class!"

    Jennifer, Brick NJ

  • "I began taking Saturday morning yoga classes last February.  Since that time yoga has really become a constant in my life.  Thank you for your patience and for the opportunity to grow and enjoy the serenity, joy and rewards that come from yoga practice.  Again, thank you for sharing yoga with me.  Namaste"

    Kathy, Wall NJ

  • "I have been practicing yoga with Geri for the past year and a half. She is everything that you could want in an instructor. Geri's down to earth approach to teaching allows new and old students to feel comfortable in class. She is extremely approachable and is always willing to assist all students at any level. Geri has a way about her that makes you feel so welcome in her presence. Her knowledge base on the practice of yoga is outstanding.  In every class that I take with Geri, I am able to learn something new.  I am honored to practice yoga with Geri in both the group setting as well as one on one. Geri is the reason why I have become so engrossed in yoga. She is a true role model."

    Karen, Wall